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1.Within the business district of the competition in the industry brand management, such as (building materials market, a street of the door industry, a large building materials mall and shop-fronts is better); around the shops of the selected store address must store clean and belong to the brand management.

2.Salable area of a single store operation site a lot of 80 square meters.

3.the franchisee has a strong entrepreneurial spirit, there are certain management and operational capacity, the ability of sustainable development, relevant industry experience and marketing ability, confidence in the industry.

4.Possess the necessary financial strength, a good financial credit.

5.Recognize and accept the company's franchise business model, subject to the management of the company.

6.Do not accept the initial fee, but received a deposit of 10,000 yuan (the same legal to open branches in the same city no longer be charged the deposit, after the expiration of the contract without prejudice to the company's brand of refund to the franchisee.


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